The secure site contains restricted details that are not publicly available for reasons of confidentiality and data protection.

The criteria for full access to the secure area are that the applicant satisfies one or more of the following prerequisites:

  • Employed in a relevant capacity by a State Regulator or ANSP; and/or
  • An accredited member of a North Atlantic ICAO Regional Safety Group.

For other legitimately interested parties a reduced (i.e. de-identified) level of detail is available in the operational performance area of the site. This is also access-limited, in this case to:

  • Aircraft operators
  • Flight training organisations
  • Aircrew
  • Other Regional Monitoring Agencies
  • Representative organisations (e.g . IFALPA, IATA, IBAC, NBAA, AOPA, IFATCA)

To request access to the restricted (secure) areas please apply using the form below. Applications will be reviewed and access credentials provided at the appropriate level as described above.